Monday, August 2, 2010

A Simple Sunday

What came first the toast or the egg? A nice way to end the weekend, a fresh laid egg and some toast. Midi child loves looking for the eggs each day, now the chooks have starting laying again. It is a precision exercise, collecting the eggs. The chooks, always want to escape. So we distract them with clumps of grass over the fence or turn on the hose and i quickly dash in the gate before they here me sneek up. The have good hearing, if I ma not quiet enough I get srung and we have to devise another dasterdly plan to fool the feathered ones.

Why is a chook escaping so bad? As amusing as I look trying to catch a small brown chook with a babe in my arms, they also tear up my vegetables, turn over fresh mulch and crap all over the verandah. I love their eggs but loath their path of distruction through my garden.

So now the new week has started, also the new month and I am already planning next weekend. Mundaring Markets on Sunday and a dinner with friends that night.

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