Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Seasons They are a Changing

I can feel the warmth of spring. The sun against my neck as I walk in the garden. The changing light where the sun now reaches. The life changing, growing, blooming in the garden. The seedlings planted in Autumn have survived the frosty winter and will soon be ready to eat. A few spring onions have already been devoured. I cannot wait to eat the beetroot. I adore home grown beetroot. I roast pumpkin and beetroot with fetta, greens and pine nuts. Yum.

I look forward to planting up the next season crop, I am thinking melons of all shapes and sizes to be planted where we had little bonfires earlier in Winter. Some lettuces and maybe even risk tomatoes again. My history with tomatoes is poor. I can grow little cherry tomatoes but anything bigger just doesn't work. I would love to have enough to make some relish and sauces for bottling.

With each new season it feels like a time to refresh and refocus on things i want to achieve and create. Typically Winter is the slowest time for me, I an less motivated as the weather cools down and the rain and wind stop any gardening work outside. This Winter has also been filled with caring for Mini baby so not a lot of time to be gardening.

So here's cheers to Spring, and all its warmth!

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