Monday, August 23, 2010

Flying time

Yes it has been a while. This Mini bubba is growing fast and demanding my lovely attention, which means less play time for me. As I type she is sat on my lap between my crossed legs and is sucking on my shirt. Yum. It will match the puke on my shoulder, and i will no doubt forget to wipe it away before I pick up the Maxi child from school today, leaving me with wet spots and puke milk smell. Nice.

Mini girl is 5 months old today, she enjoys eating her toes, gurgling and puking on most everything.

In line with the title of the post I wanted to reflect on time passing by so quickly. When I had my first child, he is pictured above. The days seemed to drag a constant feed, play, sleep, feed, play, sleep and so on. Your life with one child is so focused on their every need they become your world, your passion your work in progress. If they sleep you furiously tear around cleaning, scrubbing, ironing, folding. And if, like my first child dont favour sleep, you get frustrated and anxious that you can never get anything done. Third child on, the baby falls asleep 10 minutes before school pick up, so I pop her in the Yamo and Midi girl and I trot off to collect the Maxi child. When she wakes I do the washing, cleaning dishes or meals. When she sleeps, I relax. Tea. Cake. Book.

You start with one set of ideals when you have your first child, then it rapidly changes as you realise your baby did not read the same book you read about sleeping and feeding. You grow and adapt to them. Learning from each other everyday, every mintue.

With each child you fine tune your skills, iron out the creases and more clearly define your parenting style and ethos. With each child comes more confidence and more freedom. You give yourself leway to make some mistakes and learn to not stress the small things, but embrace the challenges and the difficulties that arise.

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