Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mundaring Truffle Festival

Oh my freaking god! I have just returned from the Mundaring Truffle Festival via Little Ceasers and A Hills Dweller's house. What a day! I saw a macaroon tower made by Choux Cafe as well as sampling their divine Almond Croissant and Pistachio and Chocolate Snail. They were just too tasty, it may even be worth the drive to Swanbourne to get another.

As well as loads of local producers there were some international ones. Loads of truffle infused things, like cheese, olive oil, honey and macaroons. The kids enjoyed the adorable iced cookies made in Swan View by Sophisticake. For the record we had a Ladybug and three white horses.

We had fudge coming out our ears. Fudge-a-licious, Fudge-tastic and Fudge A-Go-Go.

I did not taste a truffle, but to me they smelled like a mix of boot polish and wet earth. I am sure they taste great, the pasta and truffle people let off some nice aromas as we passed by.

The kids played in the bushes and we drank GOOOOD coffee and watch the truffle dogs (a Beagle and a Kelpie cross) sniff out truffles. Those puppies were very cute.

The only photo I got was this one.
It is Mini in her Mini Hat. A good lesson for me to take more pictures when out and about.

So note for next year: take more money and take more photos!

Friday, July 30, 2010

a mini hat for the mini one

It is amazing what a small bundle of merino can produce. Well that, some warm soapy water, bubble wrap and some vigorous rubbing. After having the pleasure of visiting a wool/fibre store in a far far away land (we are not in the Hills anymore Toto) I purchased some dyed merino wool tops. This beautiful green and blue clourway as well as some black and some Tussah Silk Tops dyed in 'Autumn' shades.

The black is set aside for a dear friend, who I wish to make a cloche hat for. I bought the Tussah Silk Tops to put a little design on the black hat. I will use the silk tops to fancy up a few other things too, it adds such a beautiful sheen to a plain wool.

This was my first attempt at a small felt hat. I had previously made one for myself, but used wool batting which is the tops spread out flat, it makes it easier to get a consistent thickness. I was quite proud of myself, as I only got one small hole in the top of the hat. The rest of the hat is fairly even. Go me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

An afternoon in winter

Here are a few images to get the ball rolling, so to speak.  It's a cool winters day and we are gardening, which means chainsawing, burning and giving the yard a good seeing to. We felled a few old trees for some more wood to see us through these frosty nights. Burnt scrappy bits that have piled up in the yard since the summer storms.

The ash and burnt earth left behind will made a wonderful space for planting some watermelons and punkmelons in a few weeks.

I took a moment to catch the last of the afternoon light  in the garden.